Friday, 25 December 2015

Digital Printing Process

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Digital printing gets more popular nowadays. For those who run using digital printing business, they could also use it to produce advertisement of their businesses rather than offering their need to advertise other businesses. At this time, this information will guide you to know about the digital printing method that will help you to obtain the idea about this beneficial activity.

Digital printing is required for those who ought to print advertisements. In reproducing image, this printing uses toner. The quality on this printing is virtually similar than if you are using offset printing which uses ink inside the printing process. The good news out of this printing is usually that the price can be less expensive.


As mentioned previously, digital printing process uses toner in producing image. The primary colors of the digital printing process are classified as CMYK and RGB. CMYK is an element of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), while RGB is a component of red, green, and blue. RGB is referred to as primary colors of light which can be used in reproducing images on computer monitor or maybe your television screen.
Actually, all these primary colors have pros and cons. However, the key to eliminate is that these primary colors are certainly different. If you want to create sure that the colour of your printing is the similar with your design, you can create a printing test to find out the result.

Printing Resolution

When discussing printing resolution, the operation of digital printing is often at the minimum of 300 dots per inch. However, the bigger resolutions actually will be better. It depends within the printer you make use of, when the resolutions of printing process around 1,200 dots per inch, you may receive the better result significantly than when you find yourself using the standard 300 dots per inch.

Moreover, the 300 dots per inch resolutions are just the physical limitation with the human eye. Most of individuals are not able to distinguish the real difference between the 300 dots per inch and also the 1,200 dots per inch. However, printers can produce the functional different results with the bigger resolution artwork with the range of 1,200 dots per inch. It is because the whole process of digital printing stops working the image into four primary colors of CMYK. When you provide more info to the software, you will recognize that the printer is often more accurately stop working the image to learn more refer us Designer Graphics Co.

After gaining knowledge from the information above, you can have the idea of digital printing process. If you want to go further for the printing process, just visit us Designer Graphics Co. To know more visit our websites

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